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Hello and Welcome!

I forgot these old post, the initial date in the database: 2017-05-10 01:00

Now, you may have fun with my old thoughts about the TPM market and the beginning of LetsTrust xD

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Why someone would need a LetsTrust-TPM for a RPi?

I want to solve the “chicken / egg problem” that exists for TPMs in the Maker market: If you cannot easily buy any TPM hardware, you don’t get any open source projects with TPMs – and without any open source projects you don’t have enough people using TPMs – a vicious cycle.

Because of this I started “LetsTrust” in May 2017.
LetsTrust is my private initiative to provide TPMs to Makers, Students and Crypto interested people. Before LetsTrust you couldn’t buy anywhere a TPM board to plug onto a RaspberryPi and play with it.

The only option to get your hands on a TPM was to buy a full fledged PC with TPM support, which is a) expensive and b) nobody wants to experiment with the TPM on a productive machine.

So I developed a really tiny module for the RaspberryPi that easily plugs onto the GPIO header and fits in most enclosures. We also wrote some instruction, dto and manuals for people how to use the TPM on a RPi.

The used TPM-Chip is not a homebrewed solution. LetsTrust-TPM is based on the certified Infineon SLB9670 TPM 2.0.

And we are officially listed by Microsoft itself, Buyzero is my distributor:

Why did I do that? I have been working as a consultant in for a certain TPM 2.0 manufacturer since March 2016.

In the beginning of the TPM2.0 development, the learning curve was quite steep.

While there is already a lot of information out there, it is scattered across dozens of websites, the open source applications were not really available and most importantly there was no hardware to buy.

After a few months, more and more friends came to me, mostly nerds & geeks, and wanted to play with TPMs on IoT platforms.

The question came up again and again: "Hey Paul, where can I get such a TPM? I have ideas for Raspberry Pi / IoT / Cloud!".

We, Maximillian of and, "The Penguin" and myself, thought that we could have to change that – that’s how LetsTrust was born.

Max from has, as an official rpi distributor, the infrastructure to offer LetsTrust-TPMs, "The Penguin" finds some relevant topics and myself hosted the blog, as a central source of TPM related information and I'm providing the circuit board design for the LetsTrust-TPM.

Bye for now,



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