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New LetsTrustTPM2Go project

Hello everybody,

David Safford send me a link to his latest github project! I think it is worth it to share!

From his github project:

This package demonstrates a simple recovery mechanism for data across a TPM (or motherboard) failure.

However, i fond a second project from David:

Really nice stuff :-)

Maybe someone have ideas, please contribute :-)

Bye for now,

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TPM and BitLocker

Hello everyone,

usually once a year someone comes around the corner and shouts into the ether of the net: LOOK AT ME! I HAVE HACKED A TPM!

Well, during this time I always get a lot of emails/messages or direct questions in the corridor "how can that be?" "aren't TPMs so good after all...?" "ahh, just security bohei and nothing behind it"

There are enough articles out there that explain this, so I won't start here, but you can find a link to one here: This article sums it up very well, so Thanks to Chris Fenner!

tl:dr -> OS/OEMs don't want to, they could if they wanted to. But they don't want to increase security.

But please read the article :-)

So I'm out,

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