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More Hardware: LetsTrust-TPM2Go

Hello und welcome back,

today i want to present my new product: LetsTrust-TPM2Go!

LetsTrust-TPM2Go is a USB 2.0 stick with built-in TPM. Plan to use it with your Mac, Linux PC or single board computers with USB-A ports.
Why did I design this thing? Simplify development of applications with TPM support if your embedded device is not ready yet OR you only have free USB-ports on your target device.

Now here is the first picture of the first four LetsTrust-TPM2Go:


- Infineon Optiga™ SLB 9670 TPM 2.0
- TCG Spec 2.0 Rev. 01.38
- SLB9670 with FW: >=7.85, known from LetsTrust-TPM
- USB2.0 SPI Bridge based on CY7C65211
- libusb compatible
- Tested with
- Planned TCTI-Driver in tpm2_tss for a "so-called" plug&play usage
- LetsTrust-TPM2Go was designed and manufactured in Bavaria, Germany.
- 2 LEDs for "USB-RX action"/"User LED"
- transparend ABS housing for the PCB

Preorders are open now, you'll find the LetsTrust-TPM2Go here:

Bye for now!

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